In early 2017 Wioh was born from the founders desire to inspire children and young adults to see that no matter what their conditioning, circumstances and environment, they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. The unique and life long friendship of Stephen and Steven led to Wioh becoming what it is today! 

A little bit about the founders


Stephen left the military in 2012 after serving 14 years in the Royal Marines and the SBS. After a very successful and challenging career it would be the years that followed that would be his most daunting. Stephen soon realised his self image was one of insecurities and feelings of unworthiness, which had been covered up throughout his adult life by pushing himself to the limits and external validation. At the age of 27 Stephen was awarded the Military Cross by Her Majesty the Queen. In the absence of a goal his childhood insecurities would come flooding back. The years that followed, he would have to face these demons head on. This lead to his realisation of his true potential without the cloak of the military uniform, LIMITLESS!

From this Stephen embarked on a mission to use his experiences that are by no means unique to uplift and inspire others. WORLD IN OUR HANDS was created. Mission success is critical within the world of the Special Forces, where focus is only ever on the end goal.

Stephen combines his extensive knowledge from years spent on operations in hostile environments and his knowledge of the power of mind to deliver the Limitless mindset and ethos. 

Since 2015 he has mentored youth in schools, executives, budding sports stars, professional athletes and delivered the Limitless Programme to diverse audiences, veterans charities and public services.

 Stephen Burns MC - CEO & Founder

Steven grew up in a loving family unit living with his mam, dad and younger brother with fond memories and typical family experiences. Steven was good at sports and captained junior local football teams and represented his county in Athletics and many other sports from a young age with the world at his feet.

Upon leaving school at the age of 16 Steven has always been involved in developing young people, where his first job involved coaching kids sports for Newcastle city council.However, after studying a degree in Sports and Exercise Development Steven found himself lost and suffering from the impact of a long-term relationship break up and subsequently in his early 20’s and 30’s Steven battled against alcohol addiction and then eating disorder related to bulimia. 


He managed to turn things around with support from friends and family but most importantly developing a positive mindset and outlook for the future, being determined to change the reality he had inflicted on himself. After being determined to sort out his problems Steven made a return to youth engagement alongside studying, gaining further understanding of counselling, mental health issues and the promotion of spiritual awareness to improve the mind and body. He has then developed his own style of using a person-centred approach in assisting others to be the best version of themselves and recognise their limitless potential.

Through his positive mind set, Steven has had lots of success with youth and community development programmes having delivered programmes for Princes Trust and the National Citizenship Service Programmes as well as many charity organisations. Steven is extremely well respected due to his successes in the youth working and alternative education industry, not just with the young people he has support directly but also amongst colleagues, professionals and parents.   

As a result of his path in life Steven has been able to use his knowledge and experience to help grow the Wioh ethos.


Steven Keith Moffitt BSc - Director of Wioh Programmes & Consultancy