Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Today Wioh added to its ever growing ethos and brand by meeting with Wayne and Billy Franklin from Franklin Ink. Stephen and Steve met with Wayne to discuss a range of merchandise and designs for Men, Women and Children coming soon to

Franklin Ink specialise in all types of clothing printing. Based on whickham view in Newcastle upon Tyne, they also supply printed workwear and embroidery.

From a one off design you would just love to have on a T shirt, to a fun uniform for a Stag or Hen party or any other event for that matter.

They also supply Gym’s, Fitness centres and other sports organisations with there sportswear kit requirements.

They have a wide range of garments and different methods to decorate them using print and embroidery, they cover every method of print, with over 27 years experience of the decoration of garments, with their knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment, they are sure they’ll be able to meet your needs whatever they may be, and they are a friendly bunch, so don’t be shy, get in touch, they are there to help.

Call: 0191 6917555 Email:

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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Here you will be able follow the development of Wioh and the daily activities of Stephen Burns (Wioh CEO and Founder) and Steve Moffitt (co-founder). Be witness to their ongoing journey as they grow the World in our hands brand and ethos!


Ethos and Services

Wioh offers an interactive family activity and goal setting app via the Apple Appstore as well as personal development workshops and seminars to help inspire people to become the best versions of themselves. We have created our bespoke programmes to be inclusive and meet your needs no matter what your socio-economic background.

The unique mindset

Wioh focuses on creating a positive mindset to engage its users and customers to help them develop a more happy and fulfilled life reality. The team at Wioh believe strongly in the importance and benefit of mind visualisation techniques to help you improve in all aspects of your life with a view to ultimately becoming more successful in anything and everything that you do. Become the limitless version of yourself with Wioh!

Wioh's unique programmes have been planned using a person centred approach and mixing Special Forces battle preparation success with psychology, general life experiences and developmental education.

#wiohblog #Wiohlife #allweeverhaveisnow #wiohweekly #worldinourhands #wiohmindset #wiohlimitless #wiohfirsttimeleader #wiohapp

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