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Wioh accepted onto Ignite pre-accelerator programme at Proto, in Gateshead

After passing the initial interview stages, since the 16th September 2019 the Wioh team have been attending ignites pre-accelerator programme in order to develop, innovate and grow the business. So far the team have found the programme exciting and beneficial through speaking with mentors, entrepreneurs and investors while developing new concepts and ideas.

Wioh takes advantage of Ignite launching its first accelerator after moving into Gateshead's Proto building

Among the 19 tech companies that have taken a spot on the pre-accelerator is Wioh - which stands for World in our hands. The business was founded by former Royal Marine Stephen Burns as a way to help ex-forces personnel transition back into civilian life.

Since the launch of the ignite programme Stephen has already developed a new facebook community called 'op spartan' a branch of Wioh aimed at supporting and uplifting veterans and active serving personnel from our uniform services.

Mr Burns said: “I left Newcastle at the age of 16 to join the Royal Marines. To return to the North East some 20 years later with Wioh means the world to me. Wioh has a mission to uplift and inspire. What better place to start than home!

“Being part of the Ignite programme is a massive step for us to achieving mission success.”

From this new development the Wioh team will be directing their focus and attention on the 'Op Spartan' community as they aim to support, inspire and uplift those from all branches of uniform services having already recruited over 2,500 individuals to the platform in less than a week.

"Op Spartan is now live on facebook and is inclusive to all service personnel"

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(Find out about the 19 companies you began the programme in September 2019 in the link to the article below)

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What is ignite?

The Pre-Accelerator is a 3 month programme based in Gateshead for early-stage technology startups that helps founders with everything from getting their first customers to raising investment. All companies taking part in this programme are based in the North East of England.

The pre-accelerator is a 3 month full-time programme that helps entrepreneurs to develop their business idea, launch an MVP, get their first customers and figure out what to do next. ‍Ignite supports founders from idea stage through to raising a Series A, helping you refine your concept, get traction, and build a scalable business. Upon being accepted after the initial interview stage each of the businesses receive £15,000 of investment from the North East Innovation Fund, which is managed by Northstar Ventures, as well as office space at Proto.

What ignite looks for?

They look for entrepreneurs who want to solve (or already solving) real-world problems with innovative technology-led ideas. They're especially interested in those working on ideas related to ageing, or immersive technology but consider all tech startup applications.

What start-ups get from the programme?

While on the programme the entrepreneurs are given access to a network of mentors and contacts who will work with them to direct their business ideas.

More about ignite:

Ignite ran its first accelerator programme in 2011 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then they've invested in more than 150 companies, running accelerators and pre-accelerators in Newcastle, London, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and many more.

Mentorship, accountability, peer-to-peer learning, investment and preparedness for follow-on investment are all part of our programmes. There is a 200+ strong family of startup founders on a mission to build healthy, scalable businesses and support each other in the process of doing so.

The Ignite team has delivered 16 accelerator programmes since they launched in 2011. They have a strong track record selecting and supporting promising companies, with businesses within the Ignite portfolio raising over £11m in the first half of 2018.

Every member of the Ignite programme team has founded and built businesses. They’ve raised investment, expanded internationally, acquired competitors, succeeded and failed. Collectively, they've also worked on more accelerator programmes than anyone else in Europe.

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